There are hundreds of popular Internet sites where you can search for homes and register for email updates. In fact, there are so many real estate websites that you can literally find websites that list more websites that list even more websites. It's exasperating!

My solution is to provide you access to the best  sites with a single click. This gives you a good starting point — but when you are ready to dig deeper, you'll need more — which is why I provide these exclusive services...

Hotline Call Center: When you need info by phone, my team of Search & Schedule Specialists is ready to assist you with immediate, accurate information about ANY property.

See It In 30 Minutes: When you want to tour ANY listed home, my Buyer Showing Team is ready seven days a week during daylight showing hours.
"When I began my real estate career I interviewed several companies. I asked a lot of questions and got a lot of    answers.  After some time in the business, I concluded that most of the answers I received were wrong."

In retrospect, like every other aspiring, rookie real estate agent, I thought I was asking the right questions and thought I could properly interpret  the answers. But there were two inherent traps.

First, as a rookie I wasn't experienced enough to know which critical questions to ask. And second, since no rookies are “insiders,” I couldn’t recognize when I was being fed prepared answers that only sounded good.

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As the old saying goes, "You don't know what you don't know." In the end, my choice of company, office location, the manager, and everything else that seemed valid or important at the time, were all wrong. I later realized that, sadly, this was all too common. And the statistical result is that most rookie agents are "in and out" of the business within 6 months, most without ever making a single sale. Worse yet, 80% of all rookie agents are gone within 18 months.

My own career got off to a slow start. Very slow. I defied the odds by making it past the first six months, and through the next twelve.

It wasn’t until l left  the major “brand name” company that trained me with their traditional methods, that I began to consistently sell. In fact, I had little success until I embraced a proven system to list and sell properties.  Over time, I tweaked and refined my business model, and became successful enough to rank in the top 10% in the region. 

Well, if you’re sincerely interested in a career in real estate, full-time or part-time, you’ll want to know how I turned a nearly failed career at a “brand name” company into a highly successful endeavor. While nobody can guarantee your ultimate success as a real estate agent, I do guarantee that you can benefit from my experience and our proven system.

Call me today at 314-432-SOLD ext 81 or email me to arrange an interview. It could be the most important call you’ll ever make.
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